Thursday, April 12, 2012

Blog 3 – Production Notes

The biggest challenge that I encountered with in this project has been the editing process as I realized that it requires a great amount of creativity to compose a sequence which flows in a logical way and is visually interesting. The editing process required the need of adequate footage or visual elements that have a strong relation to the sound, which in this case was a sort of a monologue. This required often either a literal or a referential visual representation, and became a challenge when I didn’t have an adequate raw footage of my own. Therefore, I had to search for and extract footage from external sources and websites such as “youtube”, and use visuals that are logically related which I then tried to incorporate in the video and make it look cohesive and unified. Having this problem taught me that next time it would be better to spend more time on planning which includes making a thorough story board and an organized shot list with also extra alternative shots to cover unsuccessful ones. Having an abundance of relevant footage for immediate use can make the editing process much quicker, more productive, and less frustrating.

In addition, the shooting process made me realize that it is important to have the right equipment available on the shooting day, such as a tripod, to make the necessary shots. Using a shaky camera for a shot that meant to look stable and clean can result in a very different shot that may look more choppy and dynamic, and rescheduling a shooting may not be always possible, which can lead eventually to not having the needed shot taken at all.

In general, it seems indeed that making a video or a movie requires an extensive planning, and struggling to accomplish that for a short video makes one think how challenging it is and time consuming to produce much longer videos and movies.

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